Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2007 already 0_o

Wow last post goes all the way back to 2005 and were almost into 2007, gee I really need to post before this year ends too….
I have no idea why I quit blogging all the sudden, and why first thing this morning I paid visit to my old blog, checked few Iraqi blogs and decided to write something here again….
Probably it's just my college and most colleges in Baghdad are now deserted out of students ….
I was supposed to practice what I've learned in the past years on patients, but seems this year till now has different story, as threatens were scattered via internet or posters in streets targeting any students or doctors who continue studying this year, not to mention that incidence earlier with ministry of high education when around 80 of the staff there were kidnapped, some students including me decided to go till after yesterday but no hope of resuming the studies, as three mortars fell near the college good thing no one got injured while a car bomb and road bomb targeted other colleges same time….and this was not the first time we were targeted.
After that day and the continued failure of government securing colleges, and obviously anything else, this year will be postponed...
Bottom line am bored I don’t know why I didn’t say that from the beggining: P

On a different story our Olympic soccer team made it to the final match of the Asian Olympic Games at Qatar, passed S. Korea at the semi finals and hoping those boys keep amazing us at the final too…

P.S: Wondering if this blog gets back to life? and i will try to post more frequently.

Update: How weird this could be I post a blog nearly same day as another blog mentioned many Iraqi blogs got silenced, after reading his post I have to admit it's quite true and sad -_-