Saturday, August 27, 2005

Too much democracy

Now who would thought after two years and a half, Ba'athies will go out again carrying Saddam's Photos, bunch of idiots as they've been always been, demanding not be excluded in constitution and their excuse was always "we don't warship Saddam"
Well I guess the love between the two is eternal :P

Here is a translation of what is written below Saddam's photo"Saddam commander of peace and victory!!"
Also some Turkmen's flags were raised between the protesters!! Which I have no idea why…
Ba'athies were protesting against federalism (I guess too much democracy happening around here, as if they were allowing people to only refuse), now I guess who want to refuse federalism can chant together with the Ba'athies…
More banners were praising "Majlis Al-Hawar al watani" which is the main sunni representation in the committee of constitution writing!

another stupid messages were also sent yesterday, this time from a group of rebel from al-Falujah appeared on TV and asked Muqtada al-Sadir to fight all the Persians, traitors and this time no U.S forces :) and the will stand with him…
By Persians they mean Al-Hakim, which is I see many don't distinguish between the two; well here they are fighting each other in al-Najaf!!

More freaky messages yesterday, from a politic can't remember his name said if the constitution didn't include sunna's demands, Sunna will burn Iraq from top to bottom!!

What a timing this was all few hours only from presentation of the constitution's draft, which is am still uncertain if they've included or not something about banning al-ba'ath party?