Thursday, April 21, 2005


Have any one dreamed that he was dreaming??
Well maybe some does!!!
In Iraq, people spread rumors that every thing is a rumor… and you don't know which rumor you pick to believe, after all everything work here as rumors…
Am talking exactly this time on Al-Madain Crises, the days before yesterday that's before the bodies were discovered in Tigris river (full story), people analyzed it the way they loved, am glad that i don't have to write how some analyzed it just click here to know what am talking about...
What pissed me off, when a member of Association of Muslims scholars said on TV, "We made some contacts there, and they said there is no single hostage in that area"
As if he had connections with all insurgents or I might call "the freedom fighters" in Iraq...
And with all the respect I still don't get the last post of Iraq the model, couldn't find a single explanation why he insisted that every thing was fake!

As for a civil war that may occurs in the upcoming days, I think most Iraqis believe that only one who can benefit from it is Ba'athies, but another operation like what happened in Al-falluga and Najaf maybe is a matter of time, things really got insane in the past week, after the relief we somehow felt after the election.