Friday, March 18, 2005

Now am a terrorist!!

Sorry for not blogging for the past days, I simply didn't find anything interested to blog for; until the day before yesterday and as I've arrived to my college, I watched a crowed of students gathering near parts of trapped vehicle I knew lately that it was just detonated half an hour ago, so I thought of taking some photos with my digital camera that I just bought lately, and maybe post here with another photos showing all the damage that caused by the explosion for the near properties…trying to shed more light for such accidents that happens nearly every days, and not like how the media cover a tragedy of 100 family lost there beloved one with maybe a one minute report like what happened in Al-Hilla days ago, then the worse watching the family of that Jordanian terrorist receive celebration !!!

Anyway and back to my story, and just after taking two photos for it, one of the police man suddenly took my camera and dragged me to there vehicle, telling me that "who allowed you to take photos? You are a terrorist and trying to sell these photos!!"
So I became a terrorist!! and as trying to clarify everything I told him "That these are old Saddam cops procedures and am just student at that college…"
Am pretty sure now that it was not the best line to pick up, since that cop picked his walkie-talkie and reported to the police station, "A suspect has been captured near the scene, holding a camera and offended the police men!!"
The answer was "Hold the suspect for more interrogations later"
That stunned me and even more the other cops that were near me, one of the cops told the officer why sir, you know he is an innocent, I really thought that I can solve this misunderstanding, but the other cops told me that they can't do anything now, not even him; now it's between you and the judge at the court!!
I was escorted to Al-Alathamyia Police station, on my way to the police I saw American soldiers at the garage of the station, thought if I should start, then maybe best to start that am a blogger, and not a terrorist, like what those stupid cops think :P
I was not chained at that time, and soldiers where not away from me, but I canceled that idea telling to myself, I can easily solve my problem there, and what if the soldier didn't understand a word from me :P
Then maybe I'll just complicate my case; at the station and after I gave my statement waiting to be raised to the judge, one of cops told me that it's forbidden an all world to tape a terrorist action, I answered him "Why? You remember in 9/11 when the two planes hits the towers, did they arrest every one who taped it!!!
Replied "That operation was held by the American government, and they put the cameras and broadcast it live to the world!!!"
I said well I thought It's a free country now, the other replied "who is laughing at you with this, who said were not free at Saddam time!!!"
Then I tired to change the subject asking when I'll see the judge, other one told me there is no judge now, it's 2:00PM you'll have to until tomorrow, for now we'll have to lock you with the other prisoners :0
And as they were taking me to custody, now I was hoping to see an American soldier on my way, as I've seen them walking in the station while I was giving my statement, couldn't find a single one all disappeared, I saw instead my brother there as my friends in the college called my family and told them about me…
I knew from him friends of mine and relatives are outside the station now, I told him what I brought to myself, later I knew that he bribed some officers but they couldn't do anything it's the stupid routine that they have restrict to it…
The officer took me again to the custody, I told the officer it is me not the terrorist who was arrested and he replied "can you imagine how he is laughing at you now"
Few months ago, I posted how great Cops are, and put some photos for them now I really should delete it :P
Then he opened the door of custody, I was in and saw nearly twenty prisoners there; I'll post the rest of what I've seen inside soon…

Here is the photo I took, I believe I was just so optimist for the whole situation in Iraq, realized now every thing need time, or maybe I was just dealing with stupid cops…

P.S: Saleem mentioned my arrest few days ago in his blog, at his blog