Tuesday, February 01, 2005

more about the Iraqi elections

If someone still willing for more photos, stories and related reactions about the Iraqi elections please check the links below; I've gathered them from an Iraqi forum which is published by expatriate Iraqis, my first reliable source of news of Iraq even though am the one in Iraq :P

*The elections in pictures click here

*The Iraqi vote in world press click here

*The heroic police man who sacrificed him self saving Iraqi voters in Baghdad, was mentioned yesterday by Prime Minister Ayad Allawi more here

About if there are female soldiers in the army? Defensive minister Al-Shaalan was asked in press conference today about the numbers of them and answered there are more than hundred female soldiers and this number could be increased to thousand if they weren’t threatening by terrorists…

P.S: I've changed my blog name to "Iraqi4ever" if you didn't notice that, losers in Iraq are all silent these days and they should keep there mouths shut for ever…

Even though am still a Loser by another means :P