Thursday, February 10, 2005


Al-Alowsi head of De-ba'athification institution, and only Iraqi political that asked for making normal relations with Israel; survived from third assassination attempt but lost his two sons one with a 30 years and the other 22 years old and his body guard…
Al-Alowsi who provoked a huge argument after his announced visit to Israel last September attending a conference against terrorist in Tel-Aviv, which led to his exile from Al-Mu'utamer party (chalabi's party)
and he added "I'll repeat the visit, even if the terrorists tried to kill me again, Peace is the only solution, peace with Even Israel but not with the terrorists"
And asked the government to stop any kind of negotiations with the terrorist, and to Liberate Al-Rumadi and Mosul from the terrorists…

I really respected this man from the very beginning for his bravery and taking such responsibilities, may the god bless their souls and give patience to his family with their catastrophe….

P.S: So far some Iraqi bloggers were accused as CIA agents, betrayals…etc hope this post don't add Zionists to the long list :P
Photo were taken from Azaman newspaper, couldn't find the colored one!