Sunday, January 30, 2005

Day of Iraqis

The history will record how Iraqis challenged even death today; with a turnout of 72% Iraqis showed the other civilized face of this country, showed the world that the culture of kidnapping, beheading and mass killing does not belong to them, they are like the rest of nations willing for democracy, peace and justice...and May the god bless our 36 brave martyrs who knew they might die today but came after all…
Proud of myself that I was able to vote at the end and proud of all Iraqis :)
and want to salute our new army and the multinational forces, with out them this dream wouldn't come true at all...

Vote for Iraq

An Iraqi male and female soldiers smile as they gather to vote at a polling station in the Salhiyah district of Baghdad.

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Da new Iraq :)

I blog when am happy only, in the past days I didn't blog because of my mid year exams, all the crises of winter and the increased insurgent attacks on Iraqi citizens…
Yesterday I've seen on TV hope and smile return to Iraq faces even tears in there eyes, a thing we even couldn't dream about it finally come true…
Iraqis at different countries along the world decided there future by voting :)

Tomorrow will be for sure a historical day in the life of Iraqis, and for sure a challenging day for all of us…

about the situation now every thing is silent where I live, even though we've heard clashes occurred at different places in Baghdad, like in Athamia, Saydia and Dora even though the media didn't mention it..
and talking about the media, poor Al-jazeera is only giving five or ten minutes covering the Iraqi elections, trying to give a false picture of the whole situation, and trying to show as if all Iraqis against the elections, you also can't see any election's commercials in it, at the contrary Al-Arabia which is the other Arabic network news agency is filled with them…
Al-hurra channel, that’s fundamental from your taxes :P (I mean American people) will fully coverage the election day from 6:00 am to 12:00 am at live broadcast….

P.S : photos were taken from Iraq of tomorrow
I've looked at the visitors counter and really astonished with a regular 150 visitors a day without writing a thing all this time :)