Friday, December 10, 2004

Am back :)

Sorry for the long delay and for not replying your e-mails or your comments, am alright I was just not in the mood to even surfing the internet in the past days, things kid a sucks these days it all started last month when the electricity supply dropped to 8 hours and now it's even less than 6 hours; then it continued to all kind of power supplies, you can see now queues up to five kilometers on gas stations, queues for cooking gas and petroleum oil….letting the people ask what kind of preparations did the government take for this winter!
And to tell the truth I was just spending the few hours of electricity between my studies and playing the latest games of X-BOX….
I just bought it few days ago, really didn't know that this device reached Iraq, I asked and they told me it entered immediacy after the war ended, that's another reason for War :P
I wonder when I'll grow up and quit playing games :P

About the translation of last commercial here it is…

"I saw domination grow…
And tyranny increase…
And depravity which don't embarrassed or ashamed of "Uday smoking his cigar :P"
I felt a pain which couldn't be soothed by tears
I kept confused in front of death that don't have any necessity nor reasons
I saw devastation that burned the green and the dry
And strangers suddenly in our home
I felt hope knocking on my doors "that's when the statue was falling :)"
But Am afraid losing what I have gathered
And the most misery a life without a hope
And today after I have waited and tiered something returned to me; the hope returned to me finally and I will live my life…."

last clip really brought tears to my eyes when I first say it, and strangely this is the least clip that viewed on TVs, it's the father you see at the last walking with his child speaking with him self describing how we lived without a hope, yes there are too many crises in Iraq now a day, but at least we have a hope this time for a better tomorrow, at saddam time we were hoping just for not the worse…

Am sure that I have mistaken in the translations many times, from grammar mistakes to words chosen so please feel free correcting me, and maybe when I have the full translation, I will try adding the text to the video it would be much better…