Sunday, November 21, 2004

For Unity

As the operation of Fallugah occurred few days ago, and it didn't end till now there were big media attack specially in Al-Jazeera trying to describe the whole operation as a war between Shia and Sunna; this is a little bit ironic but here is there excuses:
shia represented by the Iraqi national guard, and there bloody leader Iyad Alawi are killing the Mujahdeen and civilian people in Fallugah followed by the break to the most respected mosque of sunna "Abo Hannifa mosque" In Al-Athamyia and the later violence actions happened next day, that Zeyad mentioned it…
The other excuse is the way that Ayat –Allah Al-Sistani react; he simply didn't react about it at all, I've watched a program on Al-jazeera that last for nearly an hour, there were callings supposed to be from Iraq, and they were to be exactly….screaming :P using all the verbal language you might think about, how he left Al-Fallugah for the occupiers…and sadly the same that I've read in a blog here

Furthermore, where is Sistani? Why isn't he saying anything about the situation? When the South was being attacked, Sunni clerics everywhere decried the attacks. Where is Sistani now, when people are looking to him for some reaction? The silence is deafening.

I wont comment on it, afraid of accusing me as a sectarian person even though only raising such a subject for some people is an enough excuse for accusing…as an example Saddam regime didn't accused by them as a sectarian regime, while the temporary Iraqi council was accused, simply because that council paid attention for all sections of Iraq, while the old regime didn't at all!

After all it's just injustice to accuse Sunna about it, those are just ex-ba'atheis that enjoy the instability, and know exactly how to use these moments for dividing this country…and we are in front of the first time event "the elections" separated by only two months…

I found these great videos on Iraqi web site, Future Iraq they are played between breaks in some Arabic and Iraqi satellite channels except al-jazeera :)

Unity,security, protect Iraq

To be continued…