Friday, November 12, 2004

Bla bla bla

Finally it rained here in Iraq announcing the began of winter, it rained for almost two days and a half, the weather now is so pleasant… every thing seems so good till now…well now I wish it didn't rain at all, the electricity was off for nearly two days and now it reduced from 18 hours supply to less than 8 hours a day, in my area telephones lines were cut also…I barely was following the news of the race to the white house, and I've received e-mail with a great idea of flowing the Us media with letters from Iraqi people didn't have the chance to read it just now, anyway every thing went so well, president bush re-elected and that was a big slam for all terrorists in the world, and I laughed at some baathies here :P
I was always puzzled why most of people signing my guest map, are from the east coast, well after watching the survey of voting I realized that most republic supporters were from there, and I want to thank you all for all the time you spend reading Iraqi blogs and the support you are offering to us :) and wish visitors from west coast increase by time ;)
I've checked a comment on the guest map from Karl with a link, it contained a lot of cheerful photos of Iraqi kidz with the Us troops, check it here

P.S: This post should be published a week ago, really don't know if Al-Fallugah assault has something with electricity shortage or as I heard there were sabotaging in the south of Iraq, following the news now is really difficult…so if I may add about Al-Fallugah assault I would say this time Al-Fallugah really lost kind of sympathize by some people, because of many facts that showed up earlier like that program I mentioned before on Al-Arabia and there testimonies after there releasing, and the barbaric slaughtered of the 49 persons from the national Iraqi guard, also assistance of Iraqi national guard with multinational forces in breaking into the city…and also the tape that showed some infiltrated Arab caught in the hospital gave a good impression and denied the opposite idea of emptiness of city from any Arabs, making the majority of Iraqis believe this operation was only taken of the good of future Iraq, and sending a message to all terrorist not to mess up with Iraq any more…

The media here is paying a lot of intention to the death of Yasser Arafat, I really wished that Iraqi delegation didn't head for Egypt…and from the few hours I was following news Al-jazeera and as usual was telling bunch of lies, one of it's correspondent in Fallugah was saying that the national Iraqi forces and U.S. forces are torturing the doctors in hospitals and the clerics of mosques!! Because they didn't leave the city as they ordered…and we suppose to believe this, the problem is some people believe every thing Al-Jazeera say here!!!

My mate in the college, is now blogging at Free Iraq…and need some encouragement…