Thursday, October 07, 2004


A South Korean officer talks to Kurdish police at the Ibraheem Khaleel border crossing October 6, 2004 in northern Iraq.The newly arrived South Korean contingent, based in Arbil, is touring northern Iraq in preparation for their work on building roads and hospital facilities. REUTERS/Sasa Kralj

British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, meets members of Iraq's National Council which acts as a watchdog for the government, in Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday Oct 6, 2004. The British government is ready to listen to the kidnappers of Kenneth Bigley but will not enter into negotiations with them for the hostage's release, Britain's foreign secretary said Wednesday. (AP Photo/ Hadi Mizban, POOL)

the resistance report of last september check it out

Finally the government really took strange decision of seizing all black or dark blue BMW's!!!
yes it's not a joke it all started before yesterday night, my brother's car seized yesterday afternoon, two officers stopped him and took him to a place called al-Muthana airport were he saw nearly more than 100 BMW's all black or dark blue,
These decisions really remember us of what ba'athes used to do, and let us rethink of if Iyad Alawi is really one of them!
Hope the government will give a good explanation about it...