Friday, October 15, 2004

Sims 2

This guy supposes to look like me, and I'm eating delicious spaghetti :)

In case you didn't recognize this games it's SIMS 2, finally they released part two after seven years of great success of part one, too many cool stuffs are added Sims now have fears like they fear of getting fat and they are now get old with time, and they have Aspirations also, now it's much interesting after upgrading the graphics with the 3D engine from zooming and rotating at any angle…

The official site: The Sims

End for now for the Sims…

Few days ago Al-Arabyia interviewed three released Lebanese hostages, the information's they gave was really shocking, like the kind of treatment and suffering there;
you can't hear it from them the moment they get freed, you see them talking about the well treatment they had by Al-Mujahdeen they gave you an impression that they had a picnic there or that's what the sick media here want to show I mean al-jazeera and who's behind them…
This interview revealed many things from the cooperation between those kidnapers and some religious men in Faluga like hiding the hostages in mosques for a short time, the third hostage said that he was kidnapped again while he was hostage!!!
He was kidnapped by another group came from Al-Rumadi who have clashed with Al-faluga group!!!

You can watch the interview and I think some of it is translated to English A Former Hostage in Iraq Tells His Story

P.S: new blogs and sites have added to left links like: Iraqi humanity , Iraq files, Life in Baghdad and I've found that jibjab brothers have a blog too that's really cool..

If you were in Amsterdam or like Iraqi poetry this might interest you :On Sunday, October 17th, six Iraqi poets will present their recent work. The afternoon of Iraqi poetry will start at 15.00 in OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam.

The Afternoon of Iraqi poetry will be audio-transmitted by