Monday, October 25, 2004


Yesterday 48 dead bodies of the new Iraqi national guard were found near Diyala in place called Balad roze, the least word to describe it is as a massacre they were tied and facing the ground when they shot with many bullets along with the five bus drivers….

Al-Jazeera and as usual brought one of there analyst trying to give more light about it, and that's what the analyst nearly said in English"…those men only joined the new army for there economical purposes, beside the national guard is now involved with many massacres like in al-Najaf or Falluga and many other places so they are now the enemies of Iraqi people, and they are now a target for many armed groups"
He didn't mention there sacrifices protecting there country or even give a condolences to there families, as if he was happy and trying to say that they deserved it….

I switched immediately to Al-Arabyia which it was reading what one the Iraqi news papers wrote about it "…the southern tribes and specially Al-Rabia tribe are threatening of carrying there weapons against the western tribes of Iraq, and want to rethink about good relation with them, since all the dead were from the poor southern regions at there way to there families for a holiday, while the clerics of Najaf remain silent"

source of article in arabic from Al Rafidayn

That's what the media here playing all the time, and only god knows how a civil war didn't start yet…

One of the Al-Zarkawi internet pages proclaimed there responsibly of this crime; Iraqis didn't use the internet for only two years and now they become goods in the internet for those criminals…

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