Thursday, October 28, 2004

a letter

This is a letter that I found in a forum from an Iraqi citizen in Fallugah, being translated by one of the members there…

"…In the Name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful,

I am a citizen of Fallujah and have sent this call to most Iraqi newspapers, but everybody is scared of conveying the truth about my town and you are my last hope. I left the town with my family last night not to escape from the occupiers' bombs but to escape a fatwa by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Janabi and the "Consultation Council in Fallujah". The gist of it is that each head of a family with daughters of more than 10 years of age should marry them off to one of the Mujahideen to protect them from rape by occupation soldiers should they overrun the town. I am a father of three daughters older than 10 years of age and I do not want to marry them off to those Mujahideen. This fatwa was announced immediately after the end of the the Mujahideen Conference in Fallujah and Ramadi on 21/10/2004 and was widely approved of by religious and tribal leaders. Please convey our call to the world and may Allah give us refuge.

Really can't say anything about its credibility, but there is rumors also that's some women organizations are offering and tempting to marry young women with the infiltrated Arab terrorists the so called "Mujahdeen"
And these organizations are under control of ex-ba'athes and some radical clerics…well this is all maybe some rubbish of newspapers or might be the most disgusting thing I've ever heard in my life :P

More bad news an armed group showed photos of new eleven hostages of the Iraqi National Guard, also a new Japanese hostage….


Monday, October 25, 2004


Yesterday 48 dead bodies of the new Iraqi national guard were found near Diyala in place called Balad roze, the least word to describe it is as a massacre they were tied and facing the ground when they shot with many bullets along with the five bus drivers….

Al-Jazeera and as usual brought one of there analyst trying to give more light about it, and that's what the analyst nearly said in English"…those men only joined the new army for there economical purposes, beside the national guard is now involved with many massacres like in al-Najaf or Falluga and many other places so they are now the enemies of Iraqi people, and they are now a target for many armed groups"
He didn't mention there sacrifices protecting there country or even give a condolences to there families, as if he was happy and trying to say that they deserved it….

I switched immediately to Al-Arabyia which it was reading what one the Iraqi news papers wrote about it "…the southern tribes and specially Al-Rabia tribe are threatening of carrying there weapons against the western tribes of Iraq, and want to rethink about good relation with them, since all the dead were from the poor southern regions at there way to there families for a holiday, while the clerics of Najaf remain silent"

source of article in arabic from Al Rafidayn

That's what the media here playing all the time, and only god knows how a civil war didn't start yet…

One of the Al-Zarkawi internet pages proclaimed there responsibly of this crime; Iraqis didn't use the internet for only two years and now they become goods in the internet for those criminals…

more reactions from al-Airaqi forum


Friday, October 22, 2004


Few days remained for the elections and I believe this one took more attention from the people in Middle East and specially Iraqis, than any previous elections…
The fever of elections reached here, and you hear people arguing about!!
For me I Prefer Bush for many reasons, one of them that he was fighting in the past four years and took one of most boldness decisions, it's not fair that some one else inherit the success that might be achieved later, I know the situation here is foggy and hard, it's as if someone one want Iraq to remain as a battle for ever, but I have the feeling that's it's going to end in a moment or another…
Beside Republications are more realistic for world events as compared to the eight years of Bill Clinton's presidency were the Iraqi issue remained without any progress to mention…
I've watched all the debates and have the feeling that Kerry will win at the end, I made a poll and really won't to know which one you prefer and why…

About last poll Iraq the model took the first place with 51% then healing Iraq with 22% and third place to The Mesopotamian with 7%
what happened to that poll of Washington post? I didn't receive any e-mail from them!

See this one


Friday, October 15, 2004

Sims 2

This guy supposes to look like me, and I'm eating delicious spaghetti :)

In case you didn't recognize this games it's SIMS 2, finally they released part two after seven years of great success of part one, too many cool stuffs are added Sims now have fears like they fear of getting fat and they are now get old with time, and they have Aspirations also, now it's much interesting after upgrading the graphics with the 3D engine from zooming and rotating at any angle…

The official site: The Sims

End for now for the Sims…

Few days ago Al-Arabyia interviewed three released Lebanese hostages, the information's they gave was really shocking, like the kind of treatment and suffering there;
you can't hear it from them the moment they get freed, you see them talking about the well treatment they had by Al-Mujahdeen they gave you an impression that they had a picnic there or that's what the sick media here want to show I mean al-jazeera and who's behind them…
This interview revealed many things from the cooperation between those kidnapers and some religious men in Faluga like hiding the hostages in mosques for a short time, the third hostage said that he was kidnapped again while he was hostage!!!
He was kidnapped by another group came from Al-Rumadi who have clashed with Al-faluga group!!!

You can watch the interview and I think some of it is translated to English A Former Hostage in Iraq Tells His Story

P.S: new blogs and sites have added to left links like: Iraqi humanity , Iraq files, Life in Baghdad and I've found that jibjab brothers have a blog too that's really cool..

If you were in Amsterdam or like Iraqi poetry this might interest you :On Sunday, October 17th, six Iraqi poets will present their recent work. The afternoon of Iraqi poetry will start at 15.00 in OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam.

The Afternoon of Iraqi poetry will be audio-transmitted by


Thursday, October 07, 2004


A South Korean officer talks to Kurdish police at the Ibraheem Khaleel border crossing October 6, 2004 in northern Iraq.The newly arrived South Korean contingent, based in Arbil, is touring northern Iraq in preparation for their work on building roads and hospital facilities. REUTERS/Sasa Kralj

British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, meets members of Iraq's National Council which acts as a watchdog for the government, in Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday Oct 6, 2004. The British government is ready to listen to the kidnappers of Kenneth Bigley but will not enter into negotiations with them for the hostage's release, Britain's foreign secretary said Wednesday. (AP Photo/ Hadi Mizban, POOL)

the resistance report of last september check it out

Finally the government really took strange decision of seizing all black or dark blue BMW's!!!
yes it's not a joke it all started before yesterday night, my brother's car seized yesterday afternoon, two officers stopped him and took him to a place called al-Muthana airport were he saw nearly more than 100 BMW's all black or dark blue,
These decisions really remember us of what ba'athes used to do, and let us rethink of if Iyad Alawi is really one of them!
Hope the government will give a good explanation about it...


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My little kitties

There is nothing new with my life, even in the university am repeating same lectures that I've studied last year :(
So may I introduce you to my little kitties :P

There mother is so stupid two of them disappeared maybe they are now dead…she is always here either sitting or sleeping…

This little kitty had a sad story, she first lost her mother when she was two weeks only, then she lost her two brothers or sisters really don’t know at that time :P
It was a miracle that she survived at that age :)

Here is a new photo of her with one of the three kitties, by the way they are related, she is her aunt :P

Raghda really love cats, I'll send her some photos hope she will put them in her blog…

Now that's the garbage I was talking about from the very beginning :P


Saturday, October 02, 2004


My neighbor asked me today to print for him some of photos he took with his camera; he graduated last September and became a police man…

The police men really changed from the days of saddam regime, they are now more polite, more neat, well equipped, they help people in the streets more than before, and I see some of them wear eye glasses and that's a good sign for me :P

I found some of the photos were really funny, so I thought of sharing it with you….



Where the hell did he learn dancing like this :P

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