Thursday, September 23, 2004


Today I received my results……….. I failed :(
Maybe I should change my blog name to loser4ever, well we have a say here that repeating will even teach the donkey :P
Duh…I didn’t have the mood to blog until today, Anyway the good news is I finally have my own car :) I just bought it a few days ago…

I spend the past year without a car, after what I’ve done to my grandma's car, click here
No more high speed after that accident…

More than 1 million used cars entered the country immediately after the war has finished, since importing of cars was only under control of the government, and they didn’t import any cars in the past 15 years but only few in the last 2 years, they were so expensive compared to now a days prices; for us we bought at 1980 Toyota corona model 79, with nearly 1200$, and then managed to sell it just few months ago with 1300$ so we made profit after 25 years of using it :)
Stupid country I know :P

The problem now a days is the heavy traffic in Baghdad, there are many roads and important bridges closed, and beside the new cars that entered, there is no signs of getting the traffic light back to service!!
Anyway Things were even worse, when there were no police at all at the streets, with 7million population town!!

Am just hoping now that Iraqis we’ll be able again of buying new cars, as they used to do just before that stupid Saddam put his hands on the country at late seventies :)