Wednesday, September 29, 2004

9th of April and my life

I just wanted to share with you that day of my life, I thought of writing it after an email I received asking me which president I prefer for America, and how Americans now are divided between Bush and Kerry, so I thought of Iraqis division about that day too, that day made a lot of arguments between Iraqis, if it considered a happy day for liberation or sad day represents occupation…
And the problems all start from that opinion, I see Iraqis are more divided than I've ever seen, anyway I'll start from the moment I saw the statue of saddam falling, I felt like I was born again, and I saw my father like I've never seen him again, he was like 20 years younger :P we were all so happy, Finally we get rid of saddam :)
at that time I was in Dyala, not in Baghdad we thought it would be much safer than Baghdad, we were in a house of people that we don't even know before and they've just accepted us, that day I saw the opposite thing at there eyes there were sadness and bitterness, we all were watching TV at the moment when the Iraqis and US forces was trying to get down saddam statue, I've heard them mumbling that those are just spies work for America and trying to describe them as bunch of criminals, I tried to open my mouth at that moment, but I saw my father blinking his eye to me then looking at the photo of saddam that they have put at there house, then I realized every thing....the sad fact that in Iraq there is still some people who love saddam, I didn't then pay attention to them anymore, from my point of view Iraq is now just freed, Dyala at that time didn't fall yet, at the same time we've heard heavy gun shooting and voices of people shouting from the prison next to the house, this prison was holding all prisoners that transferred from Baghdad, and there charges was only politic since saddam freed all criminals from prisons few months before war, I don't know how did the prisoners knew that saddam is no longer in power now, so they rebelled or that what the story we've heard from people there, and the fedayeen killed them all; this maybe something that news didn't cover at that time, And maybe that was the last mass grave happened by that regime.
Anyway I just stocked at the house until night finally came, then I went out to have some fresh air, didn't know number of people being killed after that siege;

for the first time I criticized saddam in front of two other friends, that I didn't know them for only six days, I mean at the bad old days I have to know my friend for at least a six months then I start with slight joke at saddam, and see if he laughed from the bottom of his heart :P then only I can speak freely at saddam, the conversation didn't went well, one of them was talking with astonished how Iraq is now conquered by America, and if the Americans are going to kill us all, then I answered him Nooo, we were conquered by saddam and his family, and I wish there is a tank in front of my house tomorrow when I return to Baghdad to protect us from the Fedayeen…
Then the other friend took me back to the house, and told me: man what are you talking about… you don't know who is his father…he is a big commander in intelligence of Dyala….duh!!!
I slept that night, like I've never slept in my life, or maybe because bombing just stopped :P
Then next morning we were setting up things to return to Baghdad again.

There is an Iraqi site : he typed that 9 of April is his most beautiful day of his life :)

Sorry for taking your time, I usually don't type a lot…