Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Wait for me :)

Wow, 4 votes only for “this blog sucks” rest were between “great” and “Good”, this meant lot to me :) even though I want to know how much this blog sucks for those who voted for it :P

This time I made this poll to see the best Iraqi blog, I know there is site meters that can tell from the number if hits, but poll would be much fun!
And sorry if didn’t put all the Iraqi blogs on the list, since i can’t include only ten choices.
And the big trophy for the winner will be..... click here

That’s for sure was for the winner only :P

my final exams start tomorrow, so I’ll be off for 3 weeks from now, I’m so pessimistic this time, I don’t feel I’ll make it, and that’s why I named my blog as loser’s blog,
anyway I’ll not have much time to log to the internet, I think I should focus on my study this time, and I’m sure that I’ll miss you all……..
P.S: This might interest you www.streamtime.org

"The Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC) is sponsoring a live audio simulcast (radio transmission through the web) , of this Kurdish Human Rights Conference in San Francisco on September 4th. And i guess they would like it if people in Iraq, but also elsewhere listen to how and what they discuss at their conference."