Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Gold and silver medals vanished, still bronze….

The Iraqi dreams of reaching the final vanished today, after the defeat against the Paraguay 3-1;

I believe Iraq lost the match for these reasons:

1- Adnan hammed (Iraqi coach) underestimated the Paraguan team, and wanted to finish the game from first half, and played with deferent lineup.

2-Iraq played with no defense at the first half; don’t know where they were exactly.

3-paraguay (with this team) beated Brazil last coppa America (that what the commentator kept repeating along the match :P)

4-talking about luck, this game made me believe there isn’t such a thing!!

5-Noor Sabri our spider man had no chance today.

6-That stupid French referee :P

Anyway we pressed a lot on the second half, after the corrections that Adnan Hammed made, and we lost some certain goals.

I’m proud of what the players have done to IRAQ till now :)
And congratulation to Paraguay (may be am the only Iraqi who have congratulated them :P)

We will play Italy for the bronze medal, hopefully they return with it :)

I received this sms after the match: John Kerry thanks the referee; bomb in Greece lead to earthquake in iraq, and noor just smiled :P

the statistics of the match at aliraqi forum
we were better :(