Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Wait for me :)

Wow, 4 votes only for “this blog sucks” rest were between “great” and “Good”, this meant lot to me :) even though I want to know how much this blog sucks for those who voted for it :P

This time I made this poll to see the best Iraqi blog, I know there is site meters that can tell from the number if hits, but poll would be much fun!
And sorry if didn’t put all the Iraqi blogs on the list, since i can’t include only ten choices.
And the big trophy for the winner will be..... click here

That’s for sure was for the winner only :P

my final exams start tomorrow, so I’ll be off for 3 weeks from now, I’m so pessimistic this time, I don’t feel I’ll make it, and that’s why I named my blog as loser’s blog,
anyway I’ll not have much time to log to the internet, I think I should focus on my study this time, and I’m sure that I’ll miss you all……..
P.S: This might interest you www.streamtime.org

"The Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC) is sponsoring a live audio simulcast (radio transmission through the web) , of this Kurdish Human Rights Conference in San Francisco on September 4th. And i guess they would like it if people in Iraq, but also elsewhere listen to how and what they discuss at their conference."


Saturday, August 28, 2004

Muqtada way of justice !!

Iraqi civilians look at 10 bloated, darkened bodies in an open air room at an abandoned religious court run by al-Sadr's followers near the Imam Ali shrine, in the holy southern Iraqi city of Najaf Saturday Aug. 28, 2004. Iraqi police discovered the corpses and said they were victims of the maverick court's summary brand of justice. But al-Sadr followers said they were victims of the recent fighting here. (AP Photo/Alaa al Murjani)

An Iraqi policeman looks at one of the 10 bloated, darkened bodies in an open air room at an abandoned religious court run by al-Sadr's followers near the Imam Ali shrine, in the holy southern Iraqi city of Najaf Saturday Aug. 28, 2004. Iraqi police discovered the corpses and said they were victims of the maverick court's summary brand of justice. But al-Sadr followers said they were victims of the recent fighting here. (AP Photo/Alaa al Murjani)

And as usual this case will close as if nothing happened here!!!
Al-Jazeera didn't even mention it.


worst nighmare came true :(

My worst nightmare came true, Iraq reach the semi final and come back without any medal, not even a bronze medal that we may add to the only bronze we took in 1960 at weightlifting.

Iraq dominated along the match, we missed at least 5 chances at first half, 2 hits the bar, and we continued missing chances along the 93 minutes;
I really hate Italy defensive style of play, and now they are even playing it against Asian teams.

Italy scored there goal at minute 8 of the match from a defensive mistake, then the whole Italian team played in there own box, Iraq really deserved to take something along this tournament :(

Anyway now we had strong team, a team that we will put all our hopes for next world cup :)


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Gold and silver medals vanished, still bronze….

The Iraqi dreams of reaching the final vanished today, after the defeat against the Paraguay 3-1;

I believe Iraq lost the match for these reasons:

1- Adnan hammed (Iraqi coach) underestimated the Paraguan team, and wanted to finish the game from first half, and played with deferent lineup.

2-Iraq played with no defense at the first half; don’t know where they were exactly.

3-paraguay (with this team) beated Brazil last coppa America (that what the commentator kept repeating along the match :P)

4-talking about luck, this game made me believe there isn’t such a thing!!

5-Noor Sabri our spider man had no chance today.

6-That stupid French referee :P

Anyway we pressed a lot on the second half, after the corrections that Adnan Hammed made, and we lost some certain goals.

I’m proud of what the players have done to IRAQ till now :)
And congratulation to Paraguay (may be am the only Iraqi who have congratulated them :P)

We will play Italy for the bronze medal, hopefully they return with it :)

I received this sms after the match: John Kerry thanks the referee; bomb in Greece lead to earthquake in iraq, and noor just smiled :P

the statistics of the match at aliraqi forum
we were better :(


Saturday, August 21, 2004

Iraq Vs Australia

Iraq passed the Australian team after a hard match, and managed to qualify to the semi final, letting Iraq at one step from adding an Olympic medal to the lonely bronze medal we took at early sixties(can’t remember when exactly) at weightlifting;

Iraq played very well at the first half, we had possession over the ball more than Australia, and this half ended 0-0

The second half the Iraqi players lost concentration, and played a defensive tactic, Noor Sabri made the best save in the tournament after a lob ball from Alex, and managed to take the ball from the line of goal, then jumped again and saved another shoot from the same player, then the referee canceled the goal for an offside (was a horror movie :P)
Then the game went on and on for the Australian until minute 63 EMAD MOHAMMED scored an awesome goal form a cycle kick and put Iraq on the lead :)

Noor sabri saved Iraq from certain goals, Razzaq Farhan wasted an Iraqi goal, and the rest of the match was for well defended line of Iraq and the confident performance of goal keeper Noor Sabri.


This time the sky was really raining bullets, I wonder what will happen if we took the gold.

Italy qualified with Iraq to the semi final after the winning against Mali.

We will have to wait for the match between S.Korea and Portugal to see the winner.


Here is the goal of Emad mohammed 6.97mg deserved to be downloaded :) >>>download
Images gallery from Yahoo! click here


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Iraq Vs Morocco

Despite of the loss against morocco 2-1, Iraq qualified as the first of its group and will play Australia, the second of group C at the quarter final.
Since Iraq was already qualified Adnan Hammed the Iraqi coach decided to rest six of the first line squad; the fist half ended 0-0, at the second half minute 63 Salih Sadeer scored the first Iraqi goal, then morocco draw min.69 from a penalty kick and then managed to take the lead at min. 73.

Costa Rica joined Iraq to quarter final after a surprise wining against Portugal 4-2, they scored there forth goal at min 90, and taking the seat from morocco to join Iraq to the next round by goal advantage.

Soccer is crazy that’s why we love it :)

The table will be like this
1-Iraq 7 3 +4 6
2-Costa Rica 4 4 0 4
3-Moroco 3 3 0 4
4-Portugal 6 9 -3 3

I hope this loss is not a bad sign for the Iraqi team against Australia.



I just received a wonderful e-mail from US citizen today, talking about my blog and how it is great like me :P

These e-mails really make my day :)

I quote this from the e-mail hope he (she) don’t mind “…Do you know that the American soldiers who have to fight in the Holy Cemetery are having a tough time of it, because we are not used to disrespecting the dead? They told a journalist last week that they look at the cemetery plots and see pictures of the people buried there; and say they aren’t supposed to be there to fight anymore, but to help rebuild. But we can’t let people run wild in the streets whenever they want, holding people hostage with guns and their own rules……that is not civilized, and that is not true freedom; that is lawlessness; why don’t a lot your citizens understand this? Or don’t they want to? Please help us to understand.”

That was really something touching and noble, it made me feel more relief after reading it, and I wish I had the answer for it, since this cemetery is holy place for Shia, my grandfather and my whole family buried there, i think the biggest cemetry in the world; and The place where Muqtada took to hide in, WHY!!

The latest news is Muqtada refused today to negotiate with Iraqi assembly delegation, leaving the government with no chance except to break in to the Imam Ali shrine, the National Iraqi guards are preparing them self for the operation.
If this operation were really meant to occur today, am just praying for minimum casualties.


Monday, August 16, 2004

Iraq made it and qualified to the quarter final :)

Iraq continued its outstanding performance and won against Costa Rica, 2-0
First half ended 0-0 with few chances for both teams, as the second half started the Costa Rican pressed and they had some dangerous chances in front of the goal until minute 67 came, and the great Kurdish player scored a wonderful goal; the Iraqi fans were so maniac :P some of them even entered the pitch; seems there is a lot of Iraqi Kurd's at Greece :)

Then Adnan Hemmed substituted Emad Mohammed with Mahdi Kareem, who didn’t last for only 6 minutes and scored the 2nd Iraqi goal at the minute 73 with a cross from Howar again :)
The match ended with this result after adding 6 minute injury time or maybe more!

Other result
Portugal X Morocco: 2-1

We will meet morocco at 18-8



Sunday, August 15, 2004

Best wishes to Iraq

Less than 30 minute separate us from the awaiting match between IRAQ and Costa Rica, Best wishes to the Iraqi Olympic team, lets hope they play today the same as they did against Portugal.

I find this photo with the help of Jamie from Alabama :)
I just wanted to share it with you all :)


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Olympic games

Photo from Iraq of tomorrow

We all saw the opening ceremony of Olympic Games yesterday; The Iraqi team received a big standing ovation :)
the lonely Iraqi female, Ala'a Hikmat Impressed the audience with her dress of the Queen Ishtar.

Fayrouz & Ladybird wrote more about her.


Friday, August 13, 2004

Iraq Vs Portugal : 4-2

A historical victory against Portugal 4-2 today, I thought a draw against Portugal would be great, no need to mention the possibility of losing the game with 3 goals to none or even more :P

The game started with an own goal from our defender Haider Jabar, after that surprising goal, the Iraqi Olympic played an outstanding match, depending on effective long ball, through balls, and depended a lot on the wings especially on Howar, that made many gaps at the Portugal’s line of defense.
The draw came from the Emad Mohammed the man of the match, and assisted two goals.
Howar scored the second goal putting Iraq this time in the lead; at the end of first half Portugal managed to score the draw goal.
At the second half Iraq took the lead again after a great team work between Qusay Munair and Emad Mohammed and then finally to Younis Mohammed.
The Iraqi team didn’t after that goal retreat all back to defense we had some chances in front of the goal, but it was a hard time for Iraqi defenders; then from a counter attack Salih Sadeer scored the forth Iraqi goal :)

11 haider Jabar (Portugal) (Own Goal)
15 Emad mohammed (Iraq) (Goal)
28 Howar (Iraq) (Goal)
45 bostovia (portugal) (Goal)
51 Boa Morta (Portugal) (red card)
92 Salih Sadir (Iraq) (Goal)

To tell the truth the assistant Referee raised his flag for offside four times against Portugal while they weren’t, saving the Iraqi team from certain goals.

Morocco and Costa Rica the other two teams at the group ended 0-0
We will play next Costa Rica at 15-8

One of the odd things happened during the game was firing a mortar bomb very near from the house (we used to distinguish between sound of bombs) what’s wrong with those idiots, why they are not watching the game :P
When the game finally finished there were a lot of bang beeng bong, the Iraqi way to express their happiness :P

P.S: internet connection at night is so difficult; I’ve been trying to connect since 3 hours.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Iraqi road to the GOLD in Athens….

Today at 17:30 GMT, 19:30 at Baghdad time, the whistle will blow for beginning of the match between Iraq and Portugal; the Iraqi Olympic team will be represented by same team in Asia 2004.
The road to Athens wasn’t so easy, we even qualified with a miracle at the last round, after the draw between Oman and Kuwait 0-0 and the stunning win against Saudi 3-1.

I hope today don’t repeat the poor performance that we showed against China, and the coach Adnan Hammed won’t play a defensive match against Portugal.

I’m so excited to see Ronaldo (the right wing of Manchester united) when he play against our defender Bassim Abaas, lets hope will play the same as Ashley Cole :P as that match between England and Portugal in Euro.
Portugal squad also contain Deco, so it won’t be an easy game for our team, a draw will be victory to our team.



Monday, August 09, 2004


One of the most exciting game that I’ve ever played the SUFFERING is kind of games like Maxpayn but the different is The designers of this game just couldn’t stop the idea of keep killing people :P in many many terrified ways, from tearing the bodies to pieces to the beheading and many disgusting ways, don’t know whats wrong with them :P

click on the images to enlarge>>

you start the game in a prison as a prisoner, then the cups and the prisoners are attacked by monsters, starting from the very beginning with a big mess, you will be stunned with great special effects during the fighting and it’s not just a fighting game you will face many puzzles during the game but its kind of easy one.

Am playing it now and it’s really worthy game, and guarantee to you that it’s the most thriller game :)

more screen shots
here is the official web site of the game : THE SUFFERING


Saturday, August 07, 2004

bye bye Al-Jazeera :P

Atwar Behjat, a correspondent of Qatar-based Al Jazeera satellite television network, watches on television Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's live announcement that the station's bureau in a Baghdad hotel will be closed for one month, August 7, 2004. Iraq's interim government ordered Qatar-based Al Jazeera satellite television network to close its Baghdad office for one month on Saturday, a move criticized as unjustifiable by the channel. REUTERS/Ali Jasim

Finally our government take a serious action and banned this crap channel in Iraq but just for one month.

Few days ago there were a program on al-Jazeera the caller ended his conversation with interviewer saying "may the god bless our great leader al-mujahid Usama bin laden, bla bla bla.."
and the interviewer answered him "God bless you" !!

May the god burn both of them in hell :P


Monday, August 02, 2004

churches this time !

Iraqis get used to the usual bombing every day, but yesterday these bombing went so far way,4 churches in Baghdad all and 2 in Mosul leaving at least 20 dead, I’ve heard the news from the people at street and they were really angry at that time they were accusing saddam loyalists and Al-Qaeda, I had a brief chatting with a police man and he told me with sarcasm “we heard that killing 10 shia let the person go to heaven, but never heard of killing Christians too !”

When I came back to house i turned Tv on Al-Jazeera and as usual they were accusing Israeli mosad and even the Americans, this really sucks, I wonder when we finally get rid of these stupid conspiracies ideas, coz those terrorists are getting even with this kind of media.

i myself believe those who fight against the freedom of Iraqis and saddam loyalist behind it.
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