Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2007 already 0_o

Wow last post goes all the way back to 2005 and were almost into 2007, gee I really need to post before this year ends too….
I have no idea why I quit blogging all the sudden, and why first thing this morning I paid visit to my old blog, checked few Iraqi blogs and decided to write something here again….
Probably it's just my college and most colleges in Baghdad are now deserted out of students ….
I was supposed to practice what I've learned in the past years on patients, but seems this year till now has different story, as threatens were scattered via internet or posters in streets targeting any students or doctors who continue studying this year, not to mention that incidence earlier with ministry of high education when around 80 of the staff there were kidnapped, some students including me decided to go till after yesterday but no hope of resuming the studies, as three mortars fell near the college good thing no one got injured while a car bomb and road bomb targeted other colleges same time….and this was not the first time we were targeted.
After that day and the continued failure of government securing colleges, and obviously anything else, this year will be postponed...
Bottom line am bored I don’t know why I didn’t say that from the beggining: P

On a different story our Olympic soccer team made it to the final match of the Asian Olympic Games at Qatar, passed S. Korea at the semi finals and hoping those boys keep amazing us at the final too…

P.S: Wondering if this blog gets back to life? and i will try to post more frequently.

Update: How weird this could be I post a blog nearly same day as another blog mentioned many Iraqi blogs got silenced, after reading his post I have to admit it's quite true and sad -_-


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Too much democracy

Now who would thought after two years and a half, Ba'athies will go out again carrying Saddam's Photos, bunch of idiots as they've been always been, demanding not be excluded in constitution and their excuse was always "we don't warship Saddam"
Well I guess the love between the two is eternal :P

Here is a translation of what is written below Saddam's photo"Saddam commander of peace and victory!!"
Also some Turkmen's flags were raised between the protesters!! Which I have no idea why…
Ba'athies were protesting against federalism (I guess too much democracy happening around here, as if they were allowing people to only refuse), now I guess who want to refuse federalism can chant together with the Ba'athies…
More banners were praising "Majlis Al-Hawar al watani" which is the main sunni representation in the committee of constitution writing!

another stupid messages were also sent yesterday, this time from a group of rebel from al-Falujah appeared on TV and asked Muqtada al-Sadir to fight all the Persians, traitors and this time no U.S forces :) and the will stand with him…
By Persians they mean Al-Hakim, which is I see many don't distinguish between the two; well here they are fighting each other in al-Najaf!!

More freaky messages yesterday, from a politic can't remember his name said if the constitution didn't include sunna's demands, Sunna will burn Iraq from top to bottom!!

What a timing this was all few hours only from presentation of the constitution's draft, which is am still uncertain if they've included or not something about banning al-ba'ath party?


Friday, July 15, 2005

Blogging again..

Hi all, as am blogging again that's mean Am still alive, and the good news also I got the results of my final examination, I finally passed :)

Well I was waiting something good to happen here to blog about it, instead of the gloomy things happened In the past month…one of our mates in the college and was a close friend to me, killed by the U.S forces while he was returning to his house during the examination, the story was quite brief; he was in a public transport vehicle sitting next to the driver, as they approached a mobile check point of a U.S army the driver might not responded or was too fast (this is our conclusions) and one of the soldiers opened fire at the vehicle, he took one shot in his trachea, which didn't kill him immediately, he made a call with his mobile to his friend, not to his family as if he thought he would survive; the time his friend and the family came to hospital they found him dead…this was a repeated scenario from the last year as another student was supposed to be having a graduation party but was killed, the same as he was sitting in front next to the driver but the exception this time was not a check point but they were suddenly in the middle of combat between insurgents and the U.S forces, did I mention that the driver didn't even have a scratch at both cases!
The driver walked away safe and sound no need to mention the American soldier, there is no doubt Ali was killed mistakenly, and the least thing you do after a mistake is an apology, which Ali's family didn't get yet….
This is the only photo I had for Ali 'Rest in peace'

Image Hosted by

These incidents plus every bombs, kidnapping, beheadings let us lose any sense of security at our lives (or am I just so paranoid :P) … as for the kidnapping issue, I don't know if it were increased in the whole country after the lightening operations or just a coincidence as my aunt's husband, a friend in the college, my neighbor and two other people we know were kidnapped…at the end they were all freed but with ransoms range between 10,000$ and 60,000$ !!
Without any interfering from the cops, even though all families have reported a kidnapping issues to the cops…(I don't have any issue against cops, regarding to what happened to me last few months :P)
One of the freed hostages told me that at the day he was freed the kidnapers thanked him and told him that "You have financed Al-Mujahdeen now, God bless you!!?"
Even thought the news of freeing the Australian hostage Douglas wood was really great, but there is feeling sometimes that cops don't bother them selves with these interior cases…

Now I guess you knew why I didn't blog anything, all I wish my is next post will be on some thing more delightful…


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Damn it, they were playing just near were I live and only now I knew about it :P

Caption: BAGHDAD, IRAQ - MAY 10: Members of Baghdad softball team read a book before practice May 10, 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq. The Iraqi national baseball and softball federation was established after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Hussein considered baseball a product of U.S. imperialism. The Baghdad softball team has been invited to travel to the U.S. in July 2005.

More 1, 2
Some interesting photos this one and this (iraq at the good old days)

Source(type iraq baseball)


Thursday, April 21, 2005


Have any one dreamed that he was dreaming??
Well maybe some does!!!
In Iraq, people spread rumors that every thing is a rumor… and you don't know which rumor you pick to believe, after all everything work here as rumors…
Am talking exactly this time on Al-Madain Crises, the days before yesterday that's before the bodies were discovered in Tigris river (full story), people analyzed it the way they loved, am glad that i don't have to write how some analyzed it just click here to know what am talking about...
What pissed me off, when a member of Association of Muslims scholars said on TV, "We made some contacts there, and they said there is no single hostage in that area"
As if he had connections with all insurgents or I might call "the freedom fighters" in Iraq...
And with all the respect I still don't get the last post of Iraq the model, couldn't find a single explanation why he insisted that every thing was fake!

As for a civil war that may occurs in the upcoming days, I think most Iraqis believe that only one who can benefit from it is Ba'athies, but another operation like what happened in Al-falluga and Najaf maybe is a matter of time, things really got insane in the past week, after the relief we somehow felt after the election.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Marla Ruzicka

A senseless death as the independent described it; I saw these two photos for the woman then after reading the article, felt that it was not only a lost for her family, her country but also for Iraq.

Christopher (back to Iraq)
Knew her personally and posted about her;

Sorry to say that but some times, I ask my self if anyone will care about Iraq or if I may say "do we (Iraqis) deserve this care?!"
If I might answer then: NO


Friday, April 15, 2005

Graduation party

Last year students had a graduation party few days ago at the college, it was my first time I use my camera after that day :P
I took some photos if you re interested click

P.S: Those are supposed to be the future dentists :P